Biditech solutions expertises in the development of digital signage covering wide range of businesses and objectives, across windows and linux platforms with wide range of item types, auto-scheduling, video streaming, predefined  display templates or option to create your own template, content management, simple and attractive user interface. We welcome companies dealing in digital signage solutions to work with us and utilize our expertise to get a quality digital signage software and clients who need a signage for their personal business. Biditech works according to your requirements so that the objective behind your signage solution is fulfilled.

The popularity of Digital Signage in meeting a variety of communications goals has skyrocketed. Once seen as a novelty among competing media, digital signage has come into its own as a highly efficient and effective communications medium. Digital signage leverages demographic efficiency, viewer familiarity and even interactive control to communicate marketing, advertising, informational and promotional messages in a manner that if effective and growing in popularity.

Market research and forecasts released in 2010 by IMS Research attest to the stature of digital signage.The research reveals the digital signage market reached $3.9 billion in 2009 and will grow at a 20 percent clip annually through the end of 2012.

Currently, it may be possible to encounter a dozen or more such displays in a single day, ranging from talking gas pumps with LCD screens, to signs conveying train and bus schedules at depots, screens welcoming visitors to office lobbies, digital displays of lunch menus, digital signs in shops ranging from hip boutiques to grocery stores, flat panels in hotel lobbies and digitalsigns in arenas and stadiums.